The week’s news superhero style

In a new and semi-regular feature, the superheroes will highlight some of the week’s most interesting news.

Hide and seek…
Apparently, Sarah Palin can talk to world leaders, but she doesn’t want the press to know what she’s saying. After an ill-advised attempt to prevent the media from being in the room during Palin’s first conversation with a world leader (yes, people, this is the Republican vice-presidential nominee), the media was later invited into the room, saying it was all part of a vast right-wing consipracy miscommunication among her campaign staff. Oops.

With friends like these…
It seems like longtime conservative commentator George Will doesn’t think John McCain has the temperament to be president. According to Will in a recent op-ed, “the more one sees of his [McCain’s] impulsive, intensely personal reactions to people and events, the less confidence one has that he would select judges by calm reflection and clear principles, having neither patience nor aptitude for either.” Houston, I think the Republicans have a problem.

Debate preparation styles
In a report earlier this week, the differing debate preparation styles of the candidates became apparent. John McCain prepares by taking a nap while Barack Obama will either work out in the gym or shoot some hoops.

Golden parachutes and the McCain campaign
Gee, Carly Fiorina can’t catch a break these days. First, she said birth control should be covered by all health insurance providers in the same way they cover Viagra, causing days of consternation within the McCain campaign. Then she said that neither McCain nor Sarah Palin is qualified enough to run her former company, HP. After that debacle, Fiorina was swiftly disappeared from the campaign and hasn’t been heard from since. But, wait, there’s more. This week, in an interview with Meredith Viera of the Today Show, John McCain was caught off guard when Viera asked if Fiorina deserved the $42 million severance package she received after being fired from HP. Not good for a campaign trying to get a handle on this whole Wall Street bailout thing.

On again / Off again: The first Presidential debate
I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Yes, we are in an economic meltdown, but was it really necessary for John McCain to stop his campaign and postpone the first of three presidential debates in order to solve the crisis?  When Obama called his bluff and continued his plans for the debate, McCain suddenly changed his mind.  Methinks it was all an elaborate ploy to dodge the fact that he is complicit in the nation’s financial crisis.

Sarah Palin gets a failing grade
In an interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin once again showed that she may hurt the McCain campaign more than she helps it.  When asked about her foreign policy experience, Palin says that Russia, Alaska’s next door neighbor, gives her all the foreign policy experience she needs.  Gee, I can’t wait until next week’s Vice Presidential debate with Joe Biden.



September 28, 2008. Election 2008, News.

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