Obama Pie!

It’s blueberry and raspberry — both fresh and frozen, since fresh berries are so damn expensive. Best served with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, of course.

The pastry is store-bought because I’m lazy. I need to work on my technique a little (where’s America’s Test Kitchen when you need them?), but it wasn’t difficult and, in the end, it tasted pretty good. The next time, I might try baking the pastry parts of the logo design separately and dusting them with powdered sugar before putting them on top of the fruit. That way, they’ll look more like the white parts on the logo. And what doesn’t taste better with powdered sugar?

An easier variation would be to make a custard pie and put fresh berries and whipped cream on top in the logo design. But I prefer baked fruit pies and I’m not a fan of whipped cream.

~Ripley, who don’t like the cornbread either.


November 12, 2008. Barack Obama, Election 2008, Food. 3 comments.