Meet the Superheroes

As the superheroes for democracy, we fight the never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way. We’re kick-ass superheroes who bring a unique perspective to the 2008 presidential campaign.

Superheroes for Democracy

Superheroes for Democracy

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The Superheroes

Ferosha: A mild mannered attorney by day with the power to detect hypocrisy. She is fiercely dedicated to Democracy and offended by those who put themselves above the interests of Americans.

Venomous Feminist: I protect human rights and values against all odds and when I see Republicans who try to trounce on these rights, I taser them with a green laser beam that renders them impotent. I protect forests and preserved lands by turning my 5 foot body into a mile long barricade that will prevent oil-drilling and the desecration of beautiful Arctic lands. I am against war and when I see brutal dictators or stupid leaders and draw up attack plans, I turn into a sleeping pill and slip into their drinks so they cannot act stupidly.

Vulcanella: A reluctant superhero who felt compelled by the shady politics of the 2008 election campaign to activate her super powers. Vulcanella’s role is to suss out the illogical arguments made by the Republican party and shed a little light on the facts.

The Sidekicks

Captain O’Biden: This superhero comes to our blog on loan from the United Federation of Planets. He brings his perspective of the future, where, as it turns out, Democrats were right all along. As if you didn’t already know.

Lucky: What are superheroes without a sidekick? That’s my role. As their faithful cat, Lucky, I’ll keep the Secret Heroes’ HQ free of varmints while providing occasional comments on the commentary. Mice are tasty, but I admit to a real weakness for Alaskan salmon.

Ripley: Faster than a speeding guinea pig, able to leap tall chess pieces in a single bound, Ripley’s superpowers derive from a lethal combination of munchies and a Fermion physical particle (snacks+quark=snark).  The child of immigrants herself, this Ripley bears no ill will towards aliens, illegal or otherwise.  She doesn’t play the race card, baby, she drives it.


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