When the polls close

Want to know when polls close in your area?

SwingStateProject.Com put together this handy map of when the polls close in each of the 50 states.

Map of Poll Closings

Map of Poll Closings

Here is what to watch for and when:

6 pm:  Polls close in parts of Indiana and Kentucky. The networks won’t be able to call these states until the rest of the polls close. Especially in Indiana where the Chicago outskirts close an hour later and are expected to bring big votes for Obama.

7 pm:  Polls close in Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Vermont, South Carolina and Georgia. The sooner they call Virginia for Obama the better. The bigger his margin of victory there, the better his victory will be throughout the night. I’ll keep watching the returns but Virginia will be the highlight of my evening.

7:30 pm:  Polls close in Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Let the landslide begin! If Obama picks off NC and OH it’s all over for McCain. Even if McCain hangs on I’ll still be feeling pretty good. Of course this is assuming a smooth day of voting. States are promising that anyone still in line when the polls close are eligible to vote. With 2+ hours of waiting it could be a while but here’s hoping. Order some pizza and open some beer just in case.

8 pm:  Here is when the results start flooding in. Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, the District of Columbia Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Who hoo, enjoy the wave of victory.

8:30 pm:  Take a breather while they call Arkansas for McCain.

9 pm:  The flood begins again with New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

10 pmIowa, Montana, Utah, and Nevada close.

11 pm:  We close with a bang. Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii.

By my count that gives Obama a hearty victory with 339 electoral votes which thank goodness means you can turn off the TV and get some sleep.

However if you really want to see Ted Stevens lose his Senate seat you will have to stay awake until 1am when the last of Alaska’s polls close. Most of the polls close by midnight except for those little islands, you know, the ones that can see Russia. 

~ Ferosha


November 4, 2008. Election 2008.

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