I miss Tim Russert

Tim Russert passed away on June 13, 2008.  Given how far we have come in this election and all the things that have transpired that seems like an eternity ago.  But I still miss him.  Tom Brokaw has taken up the reins temporarily by moderating “Meet the Press” and he has asked tough questions and kept people on their toes, but I still miss Tim Russert.

Tim Russert did not let those politicians who appeared on Meet the Press get away with dodging his questions.  And I guarantee he would have made an issue of the fact that Sarah Palin did not appear on Meet the Press.

As we approach election day I realize that although we have been without Tim these many Sunday mornings, this will be our first election night without him.  Remember his white board?  Using a low tech white board he declared that election 2000 rested on “Florida, Florida, Florida.”

Florida, Florida, Florida!

Florida, Florida, Florida!

When I sit down with my family and friends to watch the election night returns I know that something will be missing because Tim won’t be there with us as the network calls states and adds up red versus blue on the big NBC map.

Here’s Tim getting John McCain to eat his own words earlier this year on Meet The Press.  I can only dream of what he would have done to Palin.

Sunday show roundup of Tim Russert memories.

Chuck Todd mourns Tim Russert.



October 31, 2008. Election 2008.

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