Top 10 Ways the McCain Campaign Can Save Money

10. The straight talk express will be converted to a blimp.  The hot air in Sarah Palin’s head will be used as fuel.

9. Creepy debate-watcher Rich Lowry at the National Review will bid on Sarah Palin’s expensive wardrobe.

8. Campaign brochures will now be printed on recycled paper from the 1500 pages of McCain’s medical records.

7. To encourage 527 groups to pay for attack ads, McCain will now refer to audiences as “my fellow Swiftboaters.”

6. McCain’s seven houses will host all future fundraisers.

5. Governor Palin’s daily diet will be converted from moose burgers to baby seals.

4. Paid surrogates will no longer explain the latest Palin gaffes.  Instead a pre-recorded message will state, “It’s clear that the elitist media is behaving in a sexist manner, and Obama is a Muslim anti-American socialist who pals around with people like bin Laden.

3. McCain will streak at Game 4 of the World Series to get free national TV coverage.

2. Campaign witchdoctor will be let go and re-assigned to Gov Palin’s Office of Voodoo Affairs.

1. It won’t save money, but has our campaign accused Obama of being a Neo-Nazi yet?

Bonus #1: Governor Palin will sell Alaska back to Russia to boost her foreign policy credentials and reduce travel costs.

Bonus #2: McCain and Palin attire to be purchased on triple-coupon day at Walmart.



October 23, 2008. Hypocrisy, John McCain, Sarah Palin.

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