Patience Paves the Road Ahead

Captain O’Biden and myself did a little fall gardening this weekend in hopes of having a colorful garden in spring.  It can sometimes be difficult to envision what the garden will look like in several months when it now just sits as a pile of recently disturbed soil.  However I have faith in those daffodil bulbs, and the patience to wait for my springtime reward.  My patience extends to the upcoming election.  I know that our country’s problems won’t be solved in one day.  We have to hunker down are really get to work, but there are no east fixes.

I do worry that the country’s apparent ADD and short-term memory will cause people to forget that all our goals, universal healthcare, balanced budget, healthy economy, secure borders, reduced gun violence, etc, will take a lot of hard work and time!.  I worry this falls on deaf ears.  After all no one this entire campaign season has remembered that John McCain was under investigation in the 1980’s when we were going through the Savings and Loan crisis.  He was never charged with a crime, but …  it was forgotten almost as quickly as the report finding that Sarah Palin abused her power as governor.

Why don’t people remember the past and learn from its lessons?  I cannot believe that Sarah Palin admonished Joe Biden in the VP debate for not looking forward.  Where are we going if we don’t know our point of origin?

My point is that the United States has serious problems and we need to identify all the problems and we cannot forget some in lieu of others.  Then we must draw the solutions from every available port of information including our own past.  Then we must implement our solutions, support President Obama, and above all exercise patience.  Understand that it took 8 years to get into this mess and it will take time to repair, but like those spring daffodils, the rewards will be the first color in the gloom and bountiful for us and generations to come.

~ Ferosha


October 23, 2008. Barack Obama, Change, Election 2008, Joe Biden, John McCain, Sarah Palin.

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