Looking This Good Doesn’t Come Cheap

Apparently, Sarah Palin’s well-kept hair and impeccable attire don’t come naturally.  Politico says that the RNC appears to have spent more than $150,000 to keep the Palin family in nice duds.  That number includes more than $4,000 that the RNC seems to have spent on the Alaskan governor’s hair and makeup alone.

Thank goodness McCain opted for public financing – I’m sure potential donors would have been emptying their pockets upon learning that their hard-earned dollars helped keep the Palins well-dressed during a presidential campaign marked by a period of economic hardship.  I guess McCain supporters in the “real America” and the “real Virginia” find it easy to spend more than $150,000 on clothes and makeup in a little more than two months.

I, for one, am shocked.  One of the few things I admired about Sarah Palin was the way she was able to get all of that hair in that cute bun.  Oh well, at least she voted against that bridge to nowhere.  Oh, wait, never mind.

Bad Hair Day

Post McCain / RNC Makeover

And I’m not even going to mention how much McCain pays to get his own makeup done.  Nor will I mention that his makeup artist has also worked for American Idol and So You Think You can Dance.  I guess “paling around” with Hollywood types isn’t that bad after all.



October 21, 2008. Hypocrisy, John McCain, Sarah Palin.

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