How to avoid getting booed

Avoiding getting booed is a fundamental if you are getting into politics. This means that despite how attractive or cool it may seem to throw out the opening pitch at a baseball game, a politician should avoid it at all costs. It is an all around terrible idea. It will not gain one single vote and it will make the politician look like a fool. Tip O’Neill coined this political rule in his book All Politics is Local: And Other Rules of The Game.

Just think about how the sound of a boo resonates compared with that of a cheer. One would think this lesson had been well taught by John Kerry’s poor decision to throw out the opening pitch at a Boston Red Sox game while he was running for President in 2004. He probably thought he was on safe turf. After-all he represents Massachusetts in the Senate and is a Red Sox fan. All you need is a few boos to drown out your cheers. In John Kerry’s case he won reelection to represent Massachusetts in the Senate in 2002 with 80 percent of the votes. However that still means 20 percent of the the people did not vote for him. Imagine if 20 percent of a stadium were booing at you. Guess what the news story is going to say? That’s right, it will say that you got booed and it won’t say that it was only 20 percent of the crowd booing.

However despite this obvious lesson, Sarah Palin and the Republican goons running her schedule thought it would be a good idea to have, “America’s #1 hockey mom” drop the puck at a Philadelphia Flyers game. You won’t be surprised at the results of her appearance. My favorite part is that you can see Obama Biden signs being held up in the crowd.



October 12, 2008. Election 2008.


  1. rjjrdq replied:

    49% booed, 43% cheered.

  2. Oops, she did it again « Superheroes For Democracy Weblog replied:

    […] supporters who we asking her to speak a little louder.  Maybe she was having a flashback from the other night when she dropped the puck at the Philadelphia Flyers […]

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