The real “original maverick”

The media have been doing research into the origin of the term “maverick.” You might be surprised to learn that, despite repeated proclamations to the contrary, the original maverick isn’t John McCain and it isn’t even Sarah Palin.

Turns out that the evidence points to the original maverick being a seemingly self-serving cattle farmer who never branded his cattle.  Instead, the real original maverick wanted to claim everyone else’s unbranded cattle for himself.  Kind of like what John McCain did when he noticed that the the “change” mantle was working for Barack Obama and decided to claim it for himself. In fact, the Maverick family doesn’t even support John McCain.  They are strident supporters of Barack Obama’s candidacy for president.  Interesting, to say the least.

When they heard John McCain was using the term “maverick” to describe himself, the Maverick family had this to say:

But when McCain and the media placed it in a political context, using the maverick label as the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, each and every member of this family was appalled. We continue to be.

Watch this CNN video on the Maverick family’s reaction to John McCain, the self-described maverick.



October 10, 2008. Election 2008, Hypocrisy, John McCain.

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