Live debate bloging Ferosha-style

  • 8:48 pm– T-minus 11 minutes. We are sitting in the living room watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann.
  • 8:53 pm– Now we are watching a commercial about some business that will help you get out of tax debt… how appropriate.
  • 8:58 pm– The tension is mounting. I am filled with anticipation and a touch of fear. Here we go!
  • 9:00 pm– Thanks, Keith, for reminding us that it is the 1,987th day since the announcement of Mission Accomplished.
  • 9:03 pm– Can I call you Joe? And who did she blow the kiss to?
  • 9:04 pm– That’s right, Joe. Tie everything to the last 8 years of the failed Bush administration. He comes right out of the gate doing his VP thing.
  • 9:04 pm– Uh oh, Captain O’Biden says my typing is annoying.
  • 9:05 pm– I feel odd concern and panic when Palin speaks. I want Joe to win but I feel anxiety at the anticipation of her failure.
  • 9:08 pm– More attacks. Way to go, Joe. That’s right, it is all about attacking McCain. Palin is trying to defend McCain. That team of mavericks, blah, blah, blah. Oh, here comes an attack. Surprise surprise, Obama votes with the Ds.
  • 9:10 pm– Gwen asks who is to blame for the economic crisis.
  • 9:10 pm- Palin’s strategy is clear: she is trying to be a regular, as she says it, “Joe-6-pack”
  • 9:11 pm– What is Palin looking at on her podium? Her blackberry? It doesn’t look like she is writing anything.
  • 9:13 pm– Okay her second strategy is to say something so ridiculous that Joe has to laugh. She just said Obama voted for the largest tax raise in history. Nice rebuttal though on Joe’s part. Okay Joe try and keep a straight face.
  • 9:15 pm– Let’s talk about health care. McCain’s plan taxes people for receiving employer-sponsored health care!
  • 9:18 pm– McCain’s health care plan care, to comment Sarah? That plan sucks- my opinion not hers. It must be hard to defend that crap. Way to go Joe! He’s explaining the truth about the McCain health care plan AKA revenue raiser. The ultimate bridge to nowhere!
  • 9:21 pm– I am still really wondering what she’s looking at. Are they allowed to have crib sheets with them? I don’t see anything on Joe’s podium.
  • 9:23 pm– Palin just said something about how McCain doesn’t tell one thing to one group and another thing to another group… what specifically is she referencing because Joe was just talking about McCain? Not to mention this is probably the biggest audience they will have so who is he talking to the rest of the time? I’m confused.
  • 9:24 pm– Palin just said, I’ve only been at this five weeks and I haven’t promised much of anything? Huh? You are supposed to be touting your running mate first of all, and second of all, did you just make the point we have been making that you are not qualified?
  • 9:26 pm– I am pretty convinced now that she is not listening to Joe. She is just trying to recall her talking points when he is talking because she is totally not responsive. To her credit, she is making complete sentences.
  • 9:29 pm– Gwen, you need to intervene. She is not answering the question. Energy is not the topic.
  • 9:31 pm– Cyclical temperature changes? Wow. I am surprised that she went out on that limb. Doesn’t John McCain believe in global warming?
  • 9:32 pm– Forgive me, but what is a hydracarbon? I don’t know, but thank God Joe knows that global warming is real. How can she really want to stop using oil when she doesn’t believe it causes negative impacts on the environment.
  • 9:36 pm– Same sex couples get benefits in Alaska? That’s good I didn’t know that.
  • 9:39 pm– They both have sons off to Iraq. Let’s talk about the surge. Sorry, Sarah, but they do not vote against funding the troops. They vote against putting troops in harms way forever and ever. Let her have it, Joe!
  • 9:42 pm– Biden and Obama voted for the timeline and against a bill with no timeline. Why is this so harm for Palin to grasp? Ouch, I don’t like her white flag of surrender comment.
  • 9:45 pm– Joe loves McCain but he’s dead wrong… great sound bite.
  • 9:45 pm- I like how in general Biden is substantively answering Gwen’s questions. Sarah is giving brief answers and then running off on her talking points.
  • 9:46 pm– Joe’s answer on handling unstable Iraq and/or nuclear Iran just now was so eloquent. He knows his stuff he understands the situation and wants democracy to survive in those countries.
  • 9:50 pm– Regarding Palin’s untrue comment about Obama’s willingness to meet with the axis of evil guys. Way to defend your man, Joe. He is showing his loyalty. Joe Biden is showing what a wonderful choice he is as VP. Good dinger about McCain refusing a meeting with the President of Spain.
  • 9:52 pm– I am getting tired of hearing her well-rehearsed talking points.
  • 9:58 pm– Joe has really hit his stride. I am having trouble writing because I am so amazed by him. Yes! Once again he is tying Bush’s failures to McCain.
  • 10:00 pm– She just mentioned her gratefulness for our NATO allies. I wonder if she knows that Spain is a NATO ally?
  • 10:03 pm– The question about Darfur/ Sudan was beautifully answered by Biden. He wants to use our responsibility as a world leader to save lives. Palin begins her response by calling Biden and Obama hypocrites.
  • 10:07 pm– Palin just said that McCain knows how to win a war…. uhhh, news flash, we lost Vietnam.
  • 10:09 pm– I know she thinks this team of mavericks thing is a good slogan but I’m still convinced that mavericks are annoying loners who accomplish nothing because no one follows a maverick.
  • 10:11 pm– Joe ties McCain to Bush saying there is no difference between the two. Joe is doing a great job at making the connection.
  • 10:12 pm– Palin just gave a shout out to a third grade classroom. Uhhh, I don’t think that was a question.
  • 10:13 pm– What does a Vice President do?
  • 10:17 pm– When asked if she agrees with VP Cheney’s assertion that the VP is somewhat autonomous from the President because of legislative powers granted to the VP. Palin answers that she and McCain will do whatever is best for the American people. But she fails to say what is best for the American people, most likely because she doesn’t know.
  • 10:18 pm– Ahhh, the ultimate job interview question, what is your weakness?
  • 10:21 pm– That was so beautiful just now. Joe Biden just spoke how he understands what it is like to be a single parent and his voice caught just a bit. His personal story is so genuine and he is so real. Palin looks like ice next to him.
  • 10:23 pm– Right back on that horse, Biden points out that McCain has not been a maverick because he just follows Bush on everything, the war, tax cuts, education, health care, energy costs. “Maverick he is not.”
  • 10:27 pm– Question: how would you change the tone in Washington, DC? Joe would not question people’s motives only their judgment. Palin would appoint people to executive office despite party affiliation.
  • 10:29 pm– Closing statements. Palin uses it as a chance to try and make the media look bad. And of course she’ll fight for America. What can I say about Joe? He knocked it out of the park.



October 2, 2008. Debates, Election 2008, Joe Biden, Sarah Palin.

One Comment

  1. Wonk the Plank replied:

    Joe had a smart, solid performance walking a tight line. We don’t think people really appreciated what a difficult position he was in and how tempting it would be to stray into condecension or lecturing. Without the backstory of “Can Sarah Palin string a complete sentence together?” Joe’s performance would be acknowledged as a win.

    Our Sarah floated downstream in a gentle sea of mediocre talking points and prepackaged answers. (“As governor of an energy-producing state…”) No one stumble stood out above the rest to Wonk the Plank.

    Biden’s worst answer came when he rambled into a long, seemingly pointless anecdote about the Bork Supreme Court fight from the late 1980s. We doubt most voters connected with Joe’s tortured, convoluted answer and even Wonk the Plank wouldn’t have understood a word of it had we not read Joe’s autobiography earlier this week, thanks to a generous loan from Captain O’Biden. (Incidentally, did you hear Sarah Palin refer to a Senator O’Biden? Could she have accidentally leaked the true identity of the superhero on the national stage!?)

    The best moment for Joe – and for the entire debate – was obviously when he flashed genuine emotion while talking about his difficult personal story. WTP hopes the voters were watching.

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