Offensive speech

Disgusting. I actually feel sick. I took a walk in my neighborhood and came upon this yard sign. (I actually took photos of it but I need Vulcanella’s help to upload them into the blog.) The sign says “NObama.” A clever slogan McCain supporters have concocted. But upon closer examination we see that Obama’s seal has been perverted into a crescent moon and a star. A faint implication that Obama is Muslim. Do you see why I feel ill?

I decided to investigate the web address on my neighbor’s yard sign: to see what other dreck they peddle.

Here’s one morphing Senator Obama’s face onto, who is that, (Mr. T’s?) body demanding to “gimme yo change.” This is offensive on multiple levels and really, if you look at it, you don’t need me to explain why. But let’s take a longer look anyway.

Offensive to Muslims: Notice the subtle Islamic references, the emblem on the necklace, and the Arabic alphabet-type letters spelling Obama’s name. First of all there is nothing wrong with being Muslim, but there is something wrong with implying that Obama is Muslim, and it is definitely wrong to imply that there is something wrong with being Muslim.

Offensive to African Americans: The entire persona of the character in the picture embodies negative stereotypes. The threatening language. The threatening body language. The bling. Not to mention morphing Obama’s head onto someone else’s body. This perpetuates the false idea that people of color are interchangeable and all look and act the same.

Offensive to everyone: For all of the above reasons and because bigotry in all forms is morally wrong.

Who thought of this? Who buys this? I am sad that there is a market for putting hate filled signs in yards.

You can look around that dreadful collection of yard propaganda, but I promise you, it will just make you sicker than I am already.



October 1, 2008. bigotry, Election 2008.


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