Who won?

I think that neither won decisively even though the debate made me hate McCain more than ever. I mean who picked out his candy stripe tie?  And he was hunched over the podium like a decaying monster with venom spewing out of his mouth – only to be followed by that forced, fake smile. John McCain shouldn’t smile. Rather than making him seem warm and cuddly, his smile reinforces what a mean guy he is.

However, while Obama certainly came across as the more statesman-like of the two, and he truly is lovely to behold, the guy has to learn to use some sound bites and pepper his answers with anecdotes. He should have wiped the floor with McCain on issues of the economy, but instead Obama was somewhat tepid. Rather than stress that the Republicans were against regulation, Obama should have said “In 8 years in Washington the Republicans let Wall Street run wild and now all taxpayers are paying the consequences. John McCain had a chance to impose rules on these major corporations and he chose to turn a blind eye and not do anything. Now John McCain says he’s going back to Washington to help broker a deal. When he caused the problem in the first place.”

Also, Obama has to give real examples of people he’s talked to suffering from loss of health care, pensions, 401(k)s and the like. And please, Obama, stop telling John McCain he’s “absolutely right.” He’s not.

Obama did a pretty good job, but at the next debate he really should deliver a knock-out punch.

We’ll all be waiting with bated breath.

~Venemous Feminist


September 28, 2008. Barack Obama, Debates, Election 2008, John McCain.

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