Senator John McCain, aka Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli

Senator McCain certainly deserves our respect and admiration for his service to our country, and he is a hero for the suffering he endured in Vietnam.  However, despite his awe inspiring personal story, John McCain has displayed a startling amount of blind ambition, cynicism, and Machiavellian behavior during his run for the White House.  He has constantly demonstrated a willingness to say and do almost anything to get elected.  Prime examples include: the pick of the woefully unqualified Sarah Palin as his running mate merely to pander to the far right and women voters; the Alaskan size lies and distortions of Barack Obama’s record (see, for example, lipstick on a pig and “sex-ed” for five year olds); the shameless flip flopping, often from one day to the next; and, most recently, perhaps the most outrageous attempt yet at self-aggrandizement through ostensibly worthy means, the “suspension” of his campaign.

What separates McCain from other politicians is not just the scope of his ambition, but rather his efforts to establish a reputation for himself as a “maverick,” who is principled and always puts his “country first.”  Yes, all politicians are shamelessly ambitious and egotistical, but not all tell us they’re not in a holier than thou way, and at then simultaneously act in such a Machiavellian fashion.  The gap between his lofty rhetoric and lowly actions is breathtaking.  It is not only the height of hypocrisy, but it reeks of the worse kind of cynicism.  How many times has McCain recycled the, “I’d rather lose an election than…” line?  If I had a dollar for each time, I could probably bailout Wall Street myself.

~Captain O’Biden


September 26, 2008. Election 2008.

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