Liar, Liar

Yesterday John McCain cancelled his scheduled interview on the Late Show with David Letterman in New York and told Letterman he was cancelling because he had to rush back to Washington to help solve the nation’s financial meltdown.  Except he didn’t.  As Dave Letterman was taping his show, John McCain was getting his makeup done in preparation for an interview with Katie Couric – also in New York.  Apparently, McCain didn’t plan on leaving New York until the next morning.  Hmm, needless to say, Letterman was heated.  Watch the clip below.

Update: on this morning’s Today Show, McCain campaign strategist Nicole Wallace admitted to Matt Lauer that McCain never intended to leave New York last night.  Turns out he could have done the Letterman show; he just didn’t want to.  I wonder if John McCain’s pants are on fire.


September 25, 2008. Election 2008, Hypocrisy, John McCain.


  1. aneedtobefree replied:

    John McCain and Barack Obama should suggest that the Vice Presidential nominees debate on Friday. Both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden should be equally qualified on this matter since she can see Russia from Alaska.

    Regarding your post…yes, he is a liar and he is lying about his need to be at the negotiation table as well.

  2. Sarah Palin finally speaks the truth! « Superheroes For Democracy Weblog replied:

    […] There’s also this McCain PSA from Wednesday night and Dave’s Top Ten list from Friday.   If there’s one lesson to be learned this election season, it’s don’t piss off David Letterman. […]

  3. John McCain Eats Humble Pie on Letterman « Superheroes For Democracy Weblog replied:

    […] Ayers and McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as VP.  Oh, and McCain also had to explain why he skipped out on his date with Letterman a few weeks ago.  […]

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