It’s not my problem until it is my problem

Let’s talk about the double standard philosophy of the Republican party.  Basically whatever the issue, there is an attitude that it is not their problem until it is personally their problem.  Only then do they care about an issue.  Well sorry folks but that is not what being a member of society is all about.  Our problems are collective and we need to work together to solve our problems.

Now we are facing a major economic crisis.  When the idea was discussed for a bail out for struggling homeowners in upsidedown and subprime mortgages, the Republicans were against the idea.  They argued that people were irresponsible for buying homes they couldn’t afford and should suffer the consequences of their bad decisions.  I guess there weren’t any Republican insiders facing foreclosure at the time.  But now look what’s happening.  Wall Street is hitting the skids and our good old Pres. W is out on the front lines asking for $700 billion to bail out his friends.  So now that he has a personal problem I guess he cares.



September 24, 2008. Hypocrisy.

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