Crafting a candidate’s image

I love how political campaigns work to shape the images of the candidates running for office.  It’s only natural to take advantage of the opportunity to frame candidates and their opponents, but this year it has gotten a little out of hand.  Take, for example, the images of Barack Obama and John McCain.

One has been labeled as an elitist and the other as a regular Joe Schmoe.  One has nine homes in three states, 13 cars, a private jet and has been dubbed a regular guy.  This same candidate has been a Senator for more than 25 years, but has labeled himself a reformer and calls his opponent, the same opponent he claims is lacking in the experience department, the epitome of all things that are wrong with Washington politics.

The other was raised by a single mother, had very limited contact with his absentee father, lived on food stamps and only recently finished paying off his student loans, but he is the one who has been labeled as an elitist.

Guess which is which.  Hypocrisy much?



September 23, 2008. Barack Obama, Election 2008, John McCain.

One Comment

  1. wonktheplank replied:

    I know who it is! I know the answer!

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