Superheroes Attend Republican “Unity” Rally

Yesterday my fellow superhero Ripley and I attended the Republican party’s unity rally at Edison High School in Alexandria, VA.  Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have gone to a Republican rally, but, as I wrote in an earlier post, George Allen was announced as one of the rally’s featured speakers.  Based on Allen’s past record of “outreach” to minorities, Ripley and I decided that we had to go.

Intent on shedding light on the hypocrisy of George Allen’s presence at the rally, Ripley and I patiently waited for the perfect opportunity to make our case.  Finally, after sitting through speeches by Mark Ellmore, Jim Gilmore and Keith Fimian (nevermind the fact that during each of their speeches, each of them co-opted tried and true messages that have been key elements of the Democrat party’s platform for years), Ripley and I leaped to action just as George Allen was about to speak.

We revealed our team Obama shirts, I blew a whistle and we shouted:  “George Allen is racist.  Shame on the Republican party for inviting him to speak.  For real change, vote for Barack Obama.  Superheroes for Democracy!”  And then we were escorted out of the rally.

But the fun didn’t stop there.  Ripley and I grabbed our signs and took our protest outside where we joined some of the littlest protesters I’ve ever seen who were already shouting “Obama, Yes!” at the tops of their little lungs.

After a few more hours of chanting, Ripley and I left, but not before we were interviewed by reporters from the Washington Post and the Washington Examiner and received a series of thumbs-up signs from many of the people attending the rally.  In the interest of full disclosure, we got a few thumbs-down signs and a talking-to from one older and very disillusioned woman who said what we were doing was a sin (I’ll discuss her in a later post).

Hoping to pull the wool over the eyes over NoVA’s minority population, the state’s republicans staged a minority outreach “unity” rally and tried to pass off former governor and senator George Allen as the type of republican who cares about issues important to the minority community, despite a a history showing the exact opposite.

But by inviting George Allen as a featured speaker at its signature rally intended to increase the number of minorities supporting the republican party’s candidates, the Republican party showed its true colors and just how out of touch it is with mainstream America.  Judging by the fact that only about 250 of the expected 1,000 people showed up suggests that we weren’t the only ones not fooled by the attempt.  After all, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig (wink, wink).

All in all, it was a great day.  Without the Superheroes for Democracy, George Allen and the Republican party would have been able to pretend that Allen’s history of racism and bigotry didn’t exist and, even worse, that it didn’t matter.

Read about us in the Washington Post and the Washington Examiner.

See all of our pictures from the rally:



September 21, 2008. Election 2008.

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