A look at the most recent polls

The latest CNN poll shows McCain and Obama at a dead even 45%-45%.  When the primary season started, before the Democrats even had their nominee, I was pretty sure the big Ds were going to blow this election out of the water Regan-style.  Current polls indicate my fantasy landslide election will not come to fruition.  But in the end however we win it will still be a win.

I have been thinking about how great it would be if the Republicans got a taste of their own medicine.  What if Obama wins the electoral vote and McCain wins the popular vote?  Well, I would be disappointed in the majority of Americans who would have voted against their own interests, but I would probably have a smug self satisfied feeling that it would serve those Republicans right after what happened to Al Gore in 2000.

But really I would rather if people started paying attention to their own needs and the issues that affect them.  If we start sticking to the issues I’m sure those polls will sing a different tune in a few weeks.



September 16, 2008. Election 2008.

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