Professional athletes and their political contributions

Ever wonder what your favorite professional athletes think about politics?  A database of campaign contributions put together by ESPN sheds light on the politics of the nation’s most beloved athletes.  The database, based on publicly-available records, shows that professional athletes are more than a little interested in this year’s presidential election.

While slightly more athletes, team owners and others involved with professional sports have contributed to Barack Obama, those who have donated to John McCain seem to give larger amounts.  This helps explain a recent New York Times article describing the Obama campaign having to spend more and more time on raising money.  It doesn’t look like the Obama campaign has any reason to worry, though.  They raised a record $66 million in August.

My suggestion?  Ante up, athletes!  We know you can afford it and this is one presidential campaign we can’t afford to lose.


P.S. I’m a little bummed that more Boston Red Sox than New York Yankees gave to the Obama campaign.  I’m even more bummed that it seems like my favorite NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. gave no political contributions at all.  😦


September 15, 2008. Barack Obama, Election 2008, John McCain.

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