Let’s get real about change

Welcome to the Superheroes for Democracy blog!  You’ve already met Ferosha, so let me introduce myself.  I am Vulcanella and my role on this blog is to suss out illogical arguments made by the Republican party and shed a little light on the facts.  So let’s get started!

I want to take a look at the latest decision the McCain ticket has made – the selection of Sarah Palin as the Republican party’s vice-presidential nominee.

For the sake of argument, let’s put aside the notion that McCain has chosen Palin simply because she’s a woman and he thinks she can attract the disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters who are either unsure of or staunchly opposed to supporting the nominee of the Democratic party, Barack Obama.

There’s really no logical reason these self-proclaimed PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) women can call themselves democrats and at the same time be considering casting a vote for the newly-minted McCain-Palin ticket – not if they are true Hillary Clinton supporters.  Let’s take a look at where Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton stand on the issues and we’ll let everyone decide for themselves if there’s much of a difference.

Issue #1: Abortion rights

Sarah Palin: Pro-life – Against abortion rights for women even in cases of rape and incest.  More info on this position.

Hillary Clinton: Pro-choice – her husband famously said abortion should be safe, legal and rare.  Hillary supports this position.

Issue #2: Global warming and the environment

Sarah Palin: She doesn’t believe climate change is caused by human behavior, is open to drilling on ANWR, against listing the polar bear as an endangered species, against protections for salmon fisherman from the pollutants caused by mining. Here’s more information on Palin’s stance on the environment.

Hillary Clinton: Supports green-collar jobs, opposed legislation that would have provided licenses for drilling on ANWR, scored 100% on Humane Society Legislative Scorecard for the 110th Congress.  Read this for more info on Hillary Clinton’s positions on global warming and the environment.

Issue #3: Civil Rights

Sarah Palin: Supports amending Alaska’s constitution to ban same sex marriage.  She used her first veto as governor to block a bill that would have prohibited the state from granting health benefits to same-sex partners of public employees.  More info on this position.

Hillary Clinton: Supports civil unions and believes states, not the feds should decide the matter.  More info on this position.

So, PUMAs, listen up: if you want a VP who is anti-choice, doesn’t believe in global warming, thinks creationism should be taught in schools, and whose foreign policy experience consists of a single trip made to Kuwait in 2007 shortly after getting her passport, Sarah Palin is your woman.

However, if you supported Hillary Clinton not only because she’s a woman but because you share her vision of the future of this country, do what she asks and support Barack Obama for president for true change.

McCain has touted Palin as a step forward for true change, but her policies are just more of the same. By selecting Palin as the Republican vice-presidential nominee McCain hopes to pull the wool over the eyes of the Hillary PUMAS and any other women who are hoping to jump on the “let’s-elect-a-woman” bandwagon.  John McCain needs to realize that he cannot substitute so-called “change” under the guise of putting a woman with the same old Republican policies on his ticket for the true reform that the Barack Obama – Joe Biden ticket offers.  Now that’s change you can believe in.

Period.  ‘Nuff Said.



September 4, 2008. Change, Election 2008.

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